Tilt-Shift w/ DMX Krew, Tristan Da Cunha, 96 Back & PC

Although not one to revel in the spotlight, DMX Krew, AKA Edward Upton’s 25-year long career in the background absolutely deserves to take at least some of the limelight.  A true original of UK dance music underground, Upton has undeniably handed over the blueprint for a deviating strain of British techno.

Upton’s artistry spans over two decades of electronic music innovation, not only as one of the stand-out artists on the legendary Rephlex imprint from Aphex Twin but also as the founder of Breakin’ Records and Fresh UP. Ed has also appeared under many aliases on other labels such as Hypercolour, Central Processing Unit and Ghostly International. From the eerie, fluctuating beats of “Hip Hopeless” to the thumping computer disco of “Come To Me”, DMX Krew has a hugely diverse catalogue of singles and albums. With an output that is both unpredictable and prolific, Upton brings an unusual depth to unchecked creativity that many artists can only attempt. Through his armoury of machines, Ed touches upon the likes of electro, acid, techno, disco, house and boogie amongst many others. And yet despite the unexpected nature of his sounds, there’s always a guarantee of the same sharp technique and old-school knack. Devoid of any major hit under his belt, Ed’s lack of critical success is vehemently overshadowed by his clear authenticity, consistency and dedication.

DMX Krew will no doubt be taking centre stage at Wire on 30th March, promising melodic basslines that simply ooze good vibes. Joining Upton on the night will be the Back to Basics resident Tristan da Cunha. As a devout collector and selector, Cunha maintains both breadth and depth across multiple genres, straddling both classics of the past and undiscovered gems of the future. Another DJ to have a long-standing musical trajectory, Cunha has a fluent improvised flow paired with infectious energy behind the decks, casting him as a sonic force that is not to be missed.

And if all this wasn’t enough for you, 96 Back and PC will also be making an appearance. One of the finest up-and-coming DJs and producers within the field of electro, 96 Back is a curator of rapid, infectious mixes. And of course, the Leeds based trouble-makers PC – Pleasure Connection – of KMAH Radio, will be providing sleazy disco joints and endless grooves.

A big thank you to Tilt-Shift for supplying a seriously strong line-up for what’s set to be a fun-filled night of everything rhythm and dance.