Tilt-Shift w/ Matrixxman, Happa b2b 96 Back, MLE & Simon Scott

Ever wondered what a world where technology surpasses what we know as physical reality looks like? Where humanity ceases to exist and a vast array of digital networks takes its place? Such a dystopian prediction of the future is what characterizes the sound of the prolific, analogue techno-futurist, Matrixxman.

Also known as Charlie Duff, Matrixxman is a taskmaster of metronomic tech-house and techno who has been busily soundtracking the exploration of the intersection of humanity and technology. His sound, “resurgent techno activism” as he prefers to call it, is dark and mechanical, interspersed with Detroit warmth and tied together by a musician’s ear for arrangement and musicality.

Although futuristic preoccupations are not a completely new concept among techno producers, the theme appears to be particularly deep-rooted in Duff. With ringing FM synths and energetic percussion, his work is unquestionably mining similar territory to Detroit stalwarts like Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills, and Underground Resistance. The self-proclaimed futurist joined the Dekmantel ranks in 2014 with his meaty apocalyptic release, “Nubian Metropolis”. Since then, Duff released his debut album “Homesick” in 2015 followed by the “Sector” trilogy of tool-focused EPs on the Dekmantel label the next year.

As of July this year, Matrixxman expanded his modern techno vision into a new label, The Grid. The first release saw a double 12-inch package titled “GRID001” featuring six new tracks full of the widescreen, otherworldly techno excursions that he has become known for. The dedication to hardware and sci-fi aesthetics have made his work instantly recognizable. Matrixxman offers a sonic teleportation to outer space through a different way of representing Techno and Electronic music.

Matrixxman will be opening a portal to his own dimension at Wire on the 30th of November thanks to Leeds based electronic A/V space, Tilt-Shift. Joining Matrixxman for a night of techno and electro are the likes of one of Leeds’ finest, Happa, b2b with the rapid and infectious 96 Back, the rhythmic MLE, and the mastermind behind Sub Dub, Outlook and Dimensions, Simon Scott.