Transmission Funk x SHAKE: DJ Boring at Wire

DJ Boring at Wire Leeds 30th April

Emerging from a collection of widely discussed lo-fi house artists in 2016, DJ boring established himself to be anything but a reflection of what his title would suggest. When his track “Winona” appeared on the iconic Slav Youtube channel, DJ Boring Aka Tristan Hallis sent shockwaves through the underground. The track was comprised of syncopated, laid-back 909 beat, modulated kicks and melodic chords. More importantly, the track sampled a throwback interview with the actress Winona Ryder, leading the unassuming yet infectious lo-fi house roller to notch up almost half a million views in just a few weeks.

Following the success of “Winona”, Hallis has made a name for himself, catching the attention of worldwide listeners. Having released a string of solid EPs on E-Beamz, Bobby Donny, and Vienna (the new label he co-founded with Stanley Schmidt), Hallis has advanced from the poster boy of Lo-Fi to a producer of sounds that wouldn’t sound out of place amongst a set from house’s leading DJs. On his latest EP titled For Tahn, for Bristol’s Shall Not Fade, Boring presents possibly his most exciting work yet. Evidencing his knack for melody over four jazzy tracks, the overall vibe is a captivating slice of deep-house hung upon a laid back groove. On the final track of the EP, “Found Love”, amongst the more animated and bright melodies within the selections, there’s an ever so subtle hint of dub.

DJ Boring’s music and sets, although holding the ability to go deep and mystical, still remain playful. His style is fortified by the visceral and the energy of the dance floor, signifying him as perhaps a new generation of producer and DJ that relates back to a time of DIY simplicity and new groove. Although often being said to occupy similar territory to the likes of Ross from Friends and DJ Seinfeld, it’s clear that Hallis cannot be so easily shelved into one distinct category. With an elementary framework dating back to Nu Groove, Deep House and a variety of eclectic and diverse influences, trying to define DJ Boring in this current musical landscape would do an injustice to him.

On the 30th of April, you can catch DJ Boring’s set at Transmission Funk & SHAKE’s collaborative event at Wire to witness just how ironic his title is.