Type 303 – Sysi


Super Rhythm Trax are on the forefront of wonderfully formed 80s style acid-house. Their latest release is the Sysi EP from Finnish producer Type-303. The music sits on a dreamy plane of its own, mastering euphoric acid in his own signature style – even his name is a playful allusion to the infamous TB-303 synthesizer which powered 80s acid.

Previously releasing on cult labels Chicago Bee, Downfall and I Love Acid, Type-303’s latest venture is decidedly more emotionally charged than his past cuts; each track encompassing a range of languid feelings with disco sensibilities.  

The four-tracker relinquishes traditional acid tones whilst combining them with angelic synths that permeate and build up around themselves. Take the opener “Delays”, in which a twinkly groove wraps itself around an incessant kick drum combined with a melodic bass. This kind of sound shimmers with an infectious afterglow. “Kolkki Clush” is a much more slung-out affair, and feels perhaps more reminiscent of Sysi’s more rave-orientated sound heard on previous releases (especially as the hypnotic vocals playfully sound out “acid!” at random).

The beckoning “Life In Mono” is a slow builder of a track; Type-303 employs tinkering percussion and a rugged bassline which envelops itself at every turn and is sleazy in all the right places. “Code 8080” is a blissful enterprise, with psychedelic vocals sitting atop a groovy beat in a slickly produced track, ready for the sleepy trip of a closing set.

Type-303’s release glows with the best of what we love about acid house – the producer adding his own cheeky motifs to the mix.