Wax the Van w/ Egyptian Lover

Egyptian Lover – the electro pharaoh of the 80s and the unadulterated king of the 808. For over three decades, Greg Broussard has been a transformative force in dance music whose expansive influence is difficult to quantify. Squeezing every last boom and snap from the Roland 808, Broussard is one of the most innovative producers of the old-school/electro era, with a charismatic take on electronic beat building that has been integral to the bedrock of modern dance music.

First emerging in the early 80s as part of LA’s zealous rap community, Egypt was one of the first artists to rap over the sound of the TR-808. Influenced heavily by the technological pioneers that are Kraftwerk, the hip-hop sound clashes of Afrika Bambaataa and the unequivocal legend that is Prince, Broussard encapsulates the funk and the electronic aesthetic of those acts while adding his own style and aptitude.

His 80s era output resides within a contingent meeting ground between a form of freestyle R&B and electro, providing Broussard with a far-reaching canvas to traverse his loverman persona. Armed innovatively with vococoders and synthesizers among other tools, Broussard built his tracks with layers – first the ever imperative drum beat, then the bassline and strings, and finally the vocals. The Egyptian Lover’s voice is like a calm invitation, almost a purr that recounts flirtatious, often raunchy rap over melodic hooks. 

Such a personality is what propels one of Egyptian Lover’s biggest tracks, “Egypt, Egypt”, with its heavily sexually driven lyrics, 808 pulse and pristine synths. But what is so exceptional about Egyptian Lover’s signature electro huffing, inimitable sense of humour and agile drum programming is that it doesn’t sound out of place today. His influence can be heard in artists across the musical spectrum, from the likes of Daft Punk to Seth Troxler. Better yet, Egyptian Lover has done anything but slow down after thirty years in the game, he can still be found at electronic festivals all over the globe, often using the same analogue equipment he’s always used to recreate the funkiness and timeless aesthetic he’s become best known for. 

If you fancy being transported back to a time of glossy computer graphics, rectangular prisms and crimped hair, Egyptian Lover will be playing a live set bound to kick up a storm at Hifi on 12th October courtesy of Wax The Van.