Wire’s 14th Birthday Weekend

An institution central to Leeds’ quality electronic scene, the ever notorious Wire is celebrating 14 years since its beginning this weekend. The most esteemed basement beloved by locals and wanderers from afar with an ear for a refreshing alternative to your average mainstream club’s offering will be throwing a doubleheader of celebrations. Armed with an inventory of acts that exemplify all that is right and admirable of this staple Leeds establishment, hold tight for two nights of major birthday shenanigans.

Kicking off on Friday night will be curious crafter of musical soundscapes that is Ben UFO. Now a household name in global electronic music, the Leeds reared curator will no doubt bring about a classically unpredictable set. Bouncing genres off each other in his quest to handover scintillating new music to all, every single one of Ben’s sets are a wholly bespoke encounter. Joining Ben will be the ever-evolving Francesco Del Garda with vinyl in hand to mix up smooth grooves of electro, techno, garage and house. Further adding to the night’s musical sensationalism is Afrodeutsche, bound to unleash a high-intensity contribution spanning the spectrum of dystopian electro, UK techno and hardcore. And as if this lot wasn’t enough for you, Butter Side Up stalwarts Hamish + Toby and Simon Scott will also be gracing the perpetual sweat covered cellar walls, refusing to fall back on the easy or obvious.

Things aren’t slowing down for the second night of birthday festivities, not in the slightest. Drum and Bass godfathers Fabio & Grooverider will be throwing down a lively one as creators of the cultural and sonic legacy that is RAGE, with rumbling bassline, roughly chopped breakbeats and narcotic synth rushes. Top-tier dancefloor dominator Josey Rebelle is also set to bring along her infectious energy and genuine devotion for underground music, with copious helpings of house, techno and breakbeat sounds of both old and new. Sherelle should not need much of an introduction following last year’s unbelievable Boiler Room set, but best believe she’ll be bringing speed-demon breaks, high-octane grime jerks and jittery footwork tracks.

Cancel all other weekend plans. Wire’s 14th birthday bash should be the only thing on the cards.